Eng. Editorial

  • Dr. Muhammad Hasnain Shaikh


The Holy Qur'an is the eternal word of almighty Allah and the eternal miracle of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Research on Quran is therefore our top priority. One of the areas of this research is the identification of the principles and rules for extracting commands, concepts and applications from the text of revelation according to the requirements of each age. Such an academic enterprises addresses questions like what are the essential sciences and skills for a commentator of Holy Quran and what qualities and virtues must he possess. The 1st article in the current issue of Noor-e-Ma'rfat seeks to answer these questions in the light of the renowned scholar Mahmoud Rajabi's book The Method of Tafsir-e-Qur'an. According to this article, having expertise in arts like lexicography, syntax, grammar and rhetoric, awareness of Qur'anic sciences, basic knowledge of Hadith, theology, jurisprudence, science and humanities is also necessary condition for a commentator. In addition, it is also a condition for the commentator to have interpretative acumen and high moral and spiritual virtues and qualities.