Islam and its Role in Reducing Domestic Violence against Women

  • liaquat ali University of Religions and Denominations
Keywords: Domestic Violence against Women, Domestic Violence, Family, Islam.


Violence has become a widespread phenomenon in today's world. Meanwhile, domestic violence against women is important because of the central role of women in providing comfort to family members and the effects of this type of violence on the family system and the family members being affected by this phenomenon. Islam has defended the rights of women a lot, and the verses of the Qur'an and the traditions of the ma'soom, peace be upon them, are full of instructions that command men to have the utmost love, affection, and tenderness towards their wives. With a brief overview of domestic violence against women, the causes and factors of violence and the adverse consequences of violence, the research will express the Islamic view on violence against women and the strategies to combat it. Deployment people's mental and spiritual health, religious and moral education, and teaching ways to deal with stress in life are preventive methods of Islam in this case. Also, modification the attitude towards women, correcting the attitude towards beating women, modification the attitude about women's domestic responsibilities, modification the behavior and behavior in front of the spouse are some of the therapeutic solutions of Islam to deal with domestic violence against women.