The 61st issue of quarterly research journal “Noor-e- Marfat” contains 6 articles. The first two articles of this issue guide academicians to devise a system of economic education and training based on these foundations that will guide governments, experts, and every member of the society to adjust their economic life accordingly. The title of the 3rd article evaluates Shanqiti’s denial of the faith in Hazrat Abu Talib’ in his Tafsir “Azwa al-Bayan”, under verse 91 of Surah-e Hud. The writer of this paper has proved in the light of 5 Qur'anic and historical arguments that Hazrat Abu Talib was not only a believer, but also a defender of the Messenger of God (PBUH). The next two articles of this issue are related to the importance of "History" and “Biography" and a detailed discussion has been represented on the subjects.

Published: 2024-02-14

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