The 1st paper of 59th serial issue of the Quarterly Research Journal Noor-e- Marfat claims that the Holy Quran has provided complete content for the social and moral upbringing of human society on the basis of the love and non-love of Allah Ta'ala. The impact of the love and non-love of Allah Ta'ala upon society has been analyzed in this article. The 2nd paper of this issue discusses about the teachings, life and the role of the holy Prophet (PBUH) in the foundation and evolution of Islamic society, from the view point of Ayatollah Seyd Ali Khamenei; who has indicated 3 important points of the life and character of the Holy Prophet: monotheism, ethics and the foundation of Islamic civilization. The 3rd article claims that the general impression assuming Allama Muhammad Iqbal as anti-sufism is incorrect. In fact, Allama Iqbal agrees with the spirit of Sufism and its basic teachings. The 4th paper is an introduction to "Zaydia"; the sect whose followers still live in Yemen and some other places. According to writer, this sect is closer to Mu'tazila in terms of some basic believes, while it recognizes Hazrat Ali (A.S.) as its imam and leader after the holy Prophet (PBUH). The 5th article claims that Islam has bestowed the women with the equal dignity and equality to the men. That is why women are also responsible for the protection of Islam as the men. The last paper is an introduction to the Mullah Mohsin Faiz Kashani’s book "Al-Mahajjata Al-Bayzaa Fi Tahzeeb Al-Ahiya”. The author introduces this book as the best book of the Ethics.

Published: 2023-05-26

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